Young Living November Promo

November 2020

This year, our gratitude list looks something like this: sustainable wellness, supportive family and friends, and free Young Living products that make for a happy, healthy home!

As you gather with loved ones and give thanks for all you have, be sure to diffuse the cozy wintertime scent of Abundance™, the fall forestry fragrance of Gratitude™, or the sweet-as-can-be smell of Peace & Calming®. While breathing in these blends, fill your home with a diffuser ornament handmade by women in Uganda who are working to overcome economic hardships and to provide a better life for their children. Qualify today and earn these free gifts with no extra shipping charge!

Promos available on One-Time Order

100PV: Free Shipping
190PV: Gratitude, 5ml • Free Shipping
250PV: Diffuser Ornament • Gratitude, 5ml • Free Shipping
300PV: Peace & Calming, 15ml • Diffuser Ornament • Gratitude, 5ml • Free Shipping

Promos available on Essential Rewards Order

100PV: Free Shipping
190PV: Abundance, 15ml • Gratitude, 5ml • Free Shipping
250PV: Diffuser Ornament • Abundance, 15ml • Gratitude, 5ml • Free Shipping
300PV: Peace & Calming, 15ml • Diffuser Ornament • Abundance, 15ml • Gratitude, 5ml • Free Shipping

100PV – Free Shipping

That’s right! Quick Order or Essential Rewards – EVERY 100 PV order gets FREE SHIPPING!
From here on out, every time you place and order and reach 100 PV your shipping will be covered for FREE! No matter how big your box may be.


Gratitude essential oil blend, 5 ml
• Find meaning during merry making. Grab all your closest friends and family, diffuse this harvest-scented oil blend, and have everyone share three things they’re grateful for.
• Wake up with wonder. When the alarm blares, perfume the air with this purposeful blend while you mediate, pray, or journal so you always wake up on the right side of the bed.

Bonus Essential Rewards: Abundance essential oil, 5 ml
• Trim away your to-dos. While bustling around on holiday errands, diffuse this seasonally scented oil blend in your Car Vent Diffuser.
• Welcome friends and family. Prepare guest bedrooms and bathrooms with the oh-so-warm aroma of Orange and Clove by adding 8 drops of Abundance to a water-filled spray bottle.


Young Living Foundation DIFFUSER ORNAMENT
• Give children a chance. With this diffuser ornament, stenciled with a beautiful botanical, you are helping vulnerable women in Uganda gain stable employment to provide the opportunity to send their kids to school.
• Diffuse as you deck the halls. Add a drop or two of your favorite festive fragrance and place your ornament in a tree, in your car, or anywhere you want a touch of essential oil magic.


PEACE & CALMING essential oil blend, 15 ml
• Gather with grace. Turn holiday hassles into magical memories while diffusing the light and bright aroma of Peace & Calming until the end of the year.
• Give the gift of glow. Whether you’re bringing a host gift or sending a care package, include a bottle of this glow-getting blend that’s ideal for every skin hydrating routine.

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